Press Release – Blake Acton will make the TTC FREE

March 13, 2023



Toronto:  On April 3rd Blake Acton is running to be the next Mayor of Toronto.

Acton is a retired Police Officer who served with the Toronto Police Service for 30 years.

When elected, Acton is committing to make the TTC FARE-FREE.

“I will make the TTC SAFE , CLEAN and FREE, says Acton.”

There will be No Presto Cards, No collecting of fare and No fare enforcement.

Acton says fare enforcement officers will be transferred to security roles to keep TTC riders safe.

The city of Toronto has debated the merits of FARE-FREE Transit in the past. But there was no political will to make it happen, says Acton.

“I will make the TTC FARE-FREE,” he says.

A number of European countries have made public transit free to use, including Luxembourg and Malta. Germany is considering making their public transit fare-free to reduce pollution levels.

Blake Acton says ridership will increase as a direct result of the FREE TTC Service.

“This will reduce the number of cars on the road, reduce gridlock and pollution,” he says.

FREE TTC service will be paid for in-part by reallocating funds from fare enforcement to pay for the Zero-Fare Program.

The TTC will generate additional funds from increasing advertising and receiving more funding support from the Provincial and Federal Governments. Acton advised this can be accomplished as a direct result of responsible leadership at City Hall.


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